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The Skool-Ready© Curriculum

This is specially designed for children from 4 to 6 years old. It is an inquiry-based curriculum, filled with concrete and fun learning experiences to engage children to observe and discover the “extraordinariness” of their environment. It consists of a series of lessons each term based on a nominated central theme as well as a period of time in which the teacher and children develop an Inquiry Project of their interest.

This programme is aligned with the Ministry of Education’s (MOE's) Pre-school Curriculum Framework and develops children’s key knowledge, skills and dispositions in the 6 learning domains:

  • Aesthetic & Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World
  • Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
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The underlying tenets of the project are based on the inquiry approach to teaching and learning, where the children are encouraged to explore a topic of their interest, form questions they would like to find the answers to, go about finding the answers and resolving problems as they see them. It is a basic way that young children go about finding information to satisfy their purposes as well as developing their investigative skills and deepening their knowledge.

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In the process of doing projects, children gain positive attitudes towards learning such as when they stay on task, persevere and think flexibly to solve problems.