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The Skool-aCe© Curriculum

At My First Skool, we believe and have always placed emphasis on a bilingual immersion program in English and Mandarin. In our daily curriculum, there is emphasis given to both English and Chinese instruction.

Our Skool-aCe© curriculum aims to help children appreciate and systematically learn Chinese and excel in the language. The programme, for children from 18 months to 6 years old, embodies many fun filled activities that engage them to learn through literature, songs, rhymes, poems and a variety of games. These games are specially designed and used to help children build conversational Mandarin skills, recognise words, read and express themselves creatively in writing. Examples of games: 

  • 配对识字法 (Word matching games)
  • 穿珠法 (Sentence Structures games)

Beyond academic success, we believe that children need to have compassion, know how to make morally right decisions, understand their roles in the community and take responsibility for themselves as well as their family, country and even the world. Therefore we have incorporated character building programmes, for children aged four to six years old, to help them cultivate the right set of values and attitude.

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Character Building Programme

At My First Skool, our Character Building Programme (conducted in Mandarin) will help your child cultivate the right set of values and attitude while growing up. Our immersive programme will emphasise on the following traits:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Care
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To reinforce what has been taught, the character building programme take on the following formats:

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1.Interactive Discussions

In addition to stories and rhymes that bring the topics to life, students are encouraged to have a conversation with the teacher to discuss their views on topics such as mutual respect for different cultures, races and religions.

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2.Critical Thinking

Using pictorial scenarios to trigger their thought processes, children will reflect and decide which actions are morally correct for different situations.

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3.Simulated Activities

Through role play, attendance marking and multiracial-themed games, children deepen their understanding of morality and its associated values.