Programmes Overview

Overview of our programme

Infant care:  For 2 months to 17 months old child

Child care:  For 18 months old to 6 years old child

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Parents can be assured that their children are prepared for primary school. Our curriculum is fully aligned with the Ministry of Social and Family Early Years Development Framework and the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens in Singapore.


Skool-Educare©: From 2 months to 3 years
Skool-Ready©: From 4 years to 6 years
Skool-aCe©: From 18 months to 6 years 


At My First Skool, everyday is an adventure!

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our fees

Our fees before subsidy range from $712.21 to $1,112.27 while infant care fees is from $1,356.78 to $2,014.28 before the Government subsidy. Please refer to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for more details on available subsidies.


Other Fees:

Upon registration, you will be required to buy 2 sets of mattress covers and 4 sets of uniform for your child for our full day care childcare programme. These can be purchased online at



Monthly Fees
(before subsidy)

Registration Annual Insurance Uniform
(4 sets)
Mattress Cover
(2 sets)

Infant (From 2 months to 17 months)

Singaporean $1,356.78 - $1,364.25 $85.60 $5.35 $107.00 $17.12
Permanent Residents $1,678.56
Foreigners $2,014.28

Toddler (From 18 months to 30 months)

Playgroup (From 30 months to 3 years old)

Nursery (For 4 years old)

Kindergarten (For 5 to 6 years old)

Singaporean $712.21 - $770.40 $85.60 $5.35 $107.00 $17.12
Permanent Residents $890.26 - $926.89
Foreigners $1,068.32 - $1,112.27

All prices listed are inclusive of GST except deposit. Please note the following:

  • The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Insurance coverage is payable upon enrolment and at the beginning of each calendar year, and is non-refundable.
  • The deposit will be refunded upon giving one month’s withdrawal notice in writing to the pre-school

Child Care/ Infant Care Subsidy

All parents with Singapore Citizen children enrolled in child care centres licensed by ECDA will continue to be eligible for a Basic Subsidy. A Basic Subsidy of $300 is given to working mothers/single fathers who work a minimum of 56 hours per month and a subsidy of $150 for non-working mothers/single fathers. For Infant care, a Basic Subsidy of $600 is given to working mothers/single fathers who work a minimum of 56 hours per month and a subsidy of $150 for non-working mothers/single fathers.


  Infant Childcare

Half day :

Singapore working mother : $300

Singapore non-working mother : $150

Half day :

Singaporean working mother : $150

Singapore non-working mother : $150

Full day :

Singapore working mother : $600

Singapore non-working mother : $150

Full day :

Singaporean working mother : $300

Singapore non-working mother : $150

In addition, families with monthly household incomes of $7,500 and below are now eligible for an Additional Subsidy, with lower income families receiving more. Larger families with many dependents can also choose to have their Additional Subsidy computed on a per capita income (PCI) basis.

Find out more with the Subsidy Calculator by ECDA:

our Admission

My First Skool accepts children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years old. The admission requirements of children to the following classes are as follows:

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1. Infants

From 2 months to 17 months

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2. Toddlers

From 18 months to 30 months

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3. Playgroup

From 30 months to 3 years old

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4. Nursery

For 4 years old

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5. Kindergarten 1

For 5 years old

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6. Kindergarten 2

For 6 years old

Note: It is important to us that your child fully benefit from our programmes. As such, in order for your child to qualify for admission, your child would have to be deemed to have attained sufficient maturity in order to benefit from the program by our staff. Prior to admission into the program, the parent and child will be invited to visit the pre-school to spend time with our staff who will orientate and explain the procedures and features of our programme.


* The promotion of infants is subject to the availability of the Toddlers' class vacancy.

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