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Our Meals

Faq question icon 8b999d42c7b076dab3507e9203dfd3d49e901f30b94108ee11c8f5ebeacfdd56What is your menu? Is it healthy?

We provide balanced and nutritious meals based on guidelines from the Health Promotion Board. Most of our pre-schools have participates in the Healthy Meals in Child Care Centres Programme (HMCCP) yearly by the Health Promotion Board. This Award recognises kindergartens and childcare centres that provide healthier food options and promote healthy eating habits.

Faq question icon 8b999d42c7b076dab3507e9203dfd3d49e901f30b94108ee11c8f5ebeacfdd56Do you provide vegetarian food? If my child is a vegetarian can I pack food for him/her?

Our pre-schools does not provide vegetarian food. Please inform the Principal on your child's dietary requirement during registration so that we can advise you accordingly.

Faq question icon 8b999d42c7b076dab3507e9203dfd3d49e901f30b94108ee11c8f5ebeacfdd56What will my child eat at the infant care centre?

For age 6 months and below, formula/breast milk will be used as per parents’ advice. We will introduce cereals or solid food after consultation with parents for age 7 months an above.

Mealtimes are an extension to our approach of learning through experiences, and it is certainly never too early to encourage healthy eating habits. It has also been proven that the right nutrition is crucial to brain development. That is why each meal has been carefully planned by our food consultant to provide your child with a balanced diet. This is also in accordance with the Health Promotion Board’s guidelines. Please inform your centre if your child has any food allergies.

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