Our Safety and Health Measures

Is it true that children always fall ill in infant care/childcare centres?

New environments and routines at the centre can lead to some children falling ill during this period. But this is typically just a passing phase. If your child is attending infant care/childcare for the first time, we will do our best to ensure they adjust as quickly, and as smoothly, as possible

How do you ensure that the pre-school is clean and safe for our children?

Pre-school attendants clean and disinfect the pre-school at least twice daily. We also hire a professional cleaning company to conduct a thorough cleaning (of hard to reach areas) of the centres once a month.

Will fees be refunded if my child is kept home due to a disease outbreak?

Although we take every precaution to prevent and minimise the spread of infectious diseases such as HFMD, they are unfortunately unavoidable throughout the year because of the young age groups of the children at the pre-school. When children are taken ill and must remain at home, our pre-schools continue to incur operating costs. As such, we are unable to refund the fees.

Is the pre-school air-conditioned?

My First Skool pre-schools are not air-conditioned but are well ventilated. Currently, there are seven pre-schools which are air-conditioned; they are located in Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Chin Swee, EastPoint Mall, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Waterway Point and Westgate Mall.

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