Our Curriculum

How can I find out what my child is learning?

Apart from face-to-face interactions and Parent-teacher meeting with your child’s teacher, parents can log in the My First Skool Parent’s Portal to keep track of children's development and learning activities at the centres.  It also provides parents with updates on announcements and events. It is an app aims to enhance communication, promoting greater involvement between school and parents.

What will the children be learning in N, K1, K2?

The learning themes for the different age groups are as follows:

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Nursery Myself I can see, I can hear I can feel, I can taste, I can smell Animals
K1 Myself and others; My talen People who help us; Moving around Toys, robots and games; Fables Rainforest; Animals/Dinosaurs
K2 Myself Our neighbourhood and our community Living things and their habitats Getting ready for school
Are there any spelling quizzes or tests?

At My First Skool, children learn spelling through games, crossword puzzles and word scrabble. This makes the learning process more enjoyable, and helps them develop a long-term love for reading and writing. 

Will my child be ready for Primary School?

We firmly believe in helping your child develop a positive attitude towards learning as this is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Our learning programme for four to six year olds provides children with the opportunity to develop a range of crucial skills that will continue to grow as they do. There are 6 domains in which these skills are facilitated:

• Language and Literacy
• Numeracy
• Discovery of the World
• Motor Skill Development
• Aesthetics and Creative Expression
• Social and Emotional Development

By the time your child graduates from My First Skool, they would have acquired the skills needed to successfully progress to the primary school stage of their education. Teachers have regular conversations with the children to address issues such as going-to-school anxieties, making new friends and understanding school rules. This transition is a major one for your child and it is important to help him/her adjust well to a formal school setting, as well as new daily school and home routines.

Will my child learn spelling and Hanyu Pinyin?

At My First Skool, children learn spelling in context and through games and interactive activities such as crossword puzzles and word scrabble.
We teach children ”语音课程” ie 听准音、说准音。 This programme is taught when children are in K2. 

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