Does your pre-school provide any transport?

Currently, My First Skool does not provide any transportation service. Appointing an external transportation company creates some safety concerns for us as children are out of our hands during that time. Moreover, there is an extremely low demand for the service as most of our children live near the pre-schools.

Do you have a trial period?

We offer a two-week trial period to help your child settle into My First Skool. Government subsidies are available for the trial period and are pro-rated accordingly. Withdrawals made during the trial period can be processed immediately without prior notice. However, school fees are pro-rated. Fees will be charged for the two-week trial period. During the trial period, children do not need to purchase uniforms or any other materials. ECDA subsidy can be applied for this trial period. As stipulated by ECDA, the 2-week trial period must fall within the same month for parents to enjoy the subsidy.

When should I give notice if I want to withdraw my child? And when will I get back my refund (if any)?

To withdraw your child from the pre-school, simply complete our Withdrawal Form and pass it to the Principal. You will need to give a minimum of 30 days' notice in order to receive a full refund of your deposit. Withdrawals only take place on the last day of the month. Your deposit will be refunded once the relevant documents and final month's fees have been received.

Are your teachers qualified/trained?

In addition to certificates in infant care teaching/Early Childhood Care and Education qualifications, our staff receive comprehensive training before placement at the pre-schools and constantly upgrade their skills through specialised training courses and in-house workshops. All our teachers have to undergo in-house curriculum training and mentoring in order to deliver our programmes at the pre-schools. In addition, the majority of our teachers are trained in first aid.

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