A Day in My First Skool

A day in My First Skool

A day at My First Skool means educational activities, healthy eating and lots of fun. Our curriculum has been designed to provide a mixture of individual and group activities to meet all your child’s learning and development needs, and prepare him or her for kindergarten and beyond. A sample timetable is shown below, though the actual schedule may vary.



Arrival, Health-Check, Multi-Age Integration Activities

Breakfast Time

Morning Workout

English Core Curriculum(Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the world, Motor Skills Development, Aesthetics and Social and Emotional Development)

Outdoor Play

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Shower / Health-Check / Lunch

Literacy Time (Phonemic Awareness and Reading Skills)


Tea Break

Chinese Core Curriculum(Storytelling, Conversations, Songs, Rhymes and Games)

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Learning Corner Activities(e.g. Block Play and Dramatic Play)

Multi-Age Integration Activities

Home Sweet Home

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Look at the many the interesting outdoor activities My First Skool conduct for our children!

a day in my first skool experience


The Joy of Learning

Learning is made fun and engaging so that our children enjoy their learning journey. From developing their social skills and harnessing their linguistic abilities to strengthening their character and moral values, we provide our children with the foundation to reach their fullest potential.

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