4-Hour Kindergarten

4-hour kindergarten programme

My First Skool offers a 4-hour kindergarten programme for children four to six years old. In this programme, children are encouraged to construct knowledge through participation in activities that foster exploration, experimentation, problem-solving and social interaction.

The activities planned are developed in alignment with the Curriculum Framework for Kindergarten in Singapore by the Ministry of Education and they cover these six learning domains which are critical to a child's holistic development.

  • Language and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Discovery of the World
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Self and Emotional Development


My First Skool nurtures children to be healthy, confident, caring, bright, creative and prepares them for lifelong learning. The two programmes offered in our kindergarten service that focus on the holistic development of your child are Skool-Ready© and Skool-aCe©.

1. the Skool-Ready© curriculum

Specially designed for children from four to six years old, the Skool-Ready curriculum is designed to meet their learning needs and challenges. Inquiry-led project encourages children to explore their interests, classify and compare, ask questions, make smart guesses, investigate further, find answers and draw conclusions.

Themed Based Lessons Our theme-based lessons provide meaningful contexts for children's learning where educators integrate the different learning areas for holistic development.
Inquiry Projects Our inquiry projects support children to ask questions and seek answers about topics of high interest. Children collaborate during the investigation and learn to be team players.
Learning Environment Our physical environment engages children to interact with materials and their peers. Children learn and reinforce skills and concepts through purposeful play.
Classroom Culture Our classroom culture is built upon respectful and reciprocal relationships among children and educators. The culture helps children to cultivate values such as autonomy and cooperation with others through participation in class activities.
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2. Skool-aCe©

Immerse your child in a relaxed learning environment where they embrace a dynamic, integrated and comprehensive learning experience in Chinese language.

Selected Children's Chinese Literature Nurtures your child's interest in Chinese culture and learning traditional values.
Yu Yin (语音) Games Strengthen your child's listening skills and pronunciation.
Arts and Crafts Expresses your child's creativity and flexibility in sentence making with a variety of arts and crafts materials.
"Story Stage" to Dramatise the Story Reinforces your child's linguistic ability.
Rhyme, Songs and Finger Plays Develop your child's comprehension and oral skills.
Specially Designed Games by our Chinese Curriculum Team Motivate children to learn Chinese in a relaxed and pleasant environment, which in turn cultivates a natural affinity towards the language.
Poetry Composition Promotes your child's creative thinking skills.


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